Katie Johnson Released From Hospital! [VIDEO]
Katie Johnson, the Wilson teen who was severely injured after her family’s house exploded, has been released from the hospital.  It’s been nearly a month and a half since the propane explosion leveled the Johnson family home and took the life of
Who Doesn’t Like A Good Comedy Show! [VIDEO]
You may have heard some of the WYRK DJs talking about a comedy show that's coming to the UB Center For The Arts.  "Second City For President Comedy Show" rolls through Buffalo on Wednesday, October 10, and it is sure to be a good time.
I Wish This Guy Was Running For President?!?! [VIDEO]
This year, more than any other, I'm paying more attention to the presidential race.  Maybe it's because I'm finally thinking like an adult.  Not that I wasn't for the last two elections, but things have changed for me.  I'm more concerned with the direction America is going and how either candidate …
A Unique New Type of Art — Sheep Art! [VIDEO]
I was watching a special on Animal Planet that featured Border Collies and some of the herding work that they do.  It mentioned a unique new type of art that I thought was interesting enough to bring to the table and show you!
The Incorrect Way to Mount a Horse [VIDEO]
I have only taken a ride on a horse once, maybe twice, but I can tell you that this guy has the wrong idea. Most people get one foot in the stirrup and hoist themselves up and onto the horse.  But not this guy!

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