Irish Dubstep Dancing
Ya don't kick off St. Patty's Day weekend without a lil Irish dancing...Right!  We'll here's a bit of an Irish jig with a lil modern/hip hop twist.  Check it out.....
An Awesome Prank Pulled On A Sleeping Kid [VIDEO]
This is one heck of a way to wake up your sleeping kid !  This family happened to be taping their experience at an amusement park when their son fell asleep in the baby's stroller.  The older sister decided to roll the middle brother right here......Check it!
The People Of Walmart (Sexy & I Know It) Remix [VIDEO] [NSFW]
I kind of feel bad posting this only because Walmart gets picked on by everyone, but everyone's lil secret is that they SHOP THERE! Hey, they have great prices on certain things!  This video is a unfair depiction of who Walmart shoppers really are.  Although, I'm sure there are s…
This Dog Has DJ’ing Skills [VIDEO]
This cute lil dog has some serious DJ'ing skills.  I hope this is not one of those videos that you sonn find out was a fake.  Anyway, check it out.  It's pretty impressive...and the beat is dope!
So Who Are “The Civil Wars”? [VIDEO]
We all know that Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift were awarded Grammys for their work over the past weekend.  Swift won for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song (both for "Mean").... Lady Antebellum took home Best Country Album- Own The Night, ....but who was th…
Amazing Bow & Arrow Shots [VIDEO]
Check this bow & arrow pro out.  LOL  It's a pretty cool video, but you have to know that there were many "takes" to get the perfect shot on tape.
What The Heck Is He Trying To Sing? [VIDEO]
The song in this video sounds vaguely familiar.  I give this guy credit, he's obviously intoxicated, he has no teeth and he has a guitar that needs a bit of tuning.
Let us make this fun....see if you can name that tune!!!

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