Vince Young

Thoughts On The Bills Acquiring QB Tarvaris Jackson [VIDEO]
So Bills fans........We are about 9 days out from the beginning of a NFL season, which on paper, looks to be a promising one.  Heading into training camp the big offensive buzz was surrounding backup QB Vince Young.  Fans were excited to have a backup they can trust to run the offense in case Fitzy …
Bills Release Quarterback Vince Young
The Buffalo Bills didn't waste any time in making room on the roster for quarterback Travaris Jackson.  The Bills released quarterback Vince Young this morning to make way for Jackson who they picked up in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for a draft pick.
Buffalo Bills Getting New Quarterback
Three games into the preseason and the Buffalo Bills have yet to make a decent showing.  Well, ok, the starters looked alright early in the game against the Steelers on Saturday night, but they still have a way to go.  At times, it looked like Ryan Fitzpatrick and his receivers were using …
Vince Young, Welcome To Buffalo! [VIDEO]
No question about it, there is a ton of excitement surrounding the upcoming Buffalo Bills season... see my post from last week about the Bills being on my brain. The latest move by the Bills however, does have alot people scratching their heads wondering what is with the signing of Vince Young.
The Buffalo Bills To Work Out Vince Young
The Buffalo Bills have committed to their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. However, they want to make sure that if something should happen to him, it wouldn't mean the end of the season. So tomorrow, they'll be taking a look at former Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Vince Young.