5 Uses For Vodka Aside From Drinking It!
Anytime there's a story about vodka, beer or whiskey.....I'm going to relay it to you.  Is it safe to say that we all love vodka..LOL  It seems to be the easiest drink for most to indulge in.  A lot of women that order drinks at the bar either ask for vodka or rum.  It's very rare to see a woman bel…
If Only PB&J Came In Vodka Form… Oh Wait
Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a proliferation of uniquely flavored liquors that have drawn the ire and criticism of party poopers who say booze companies are targeting the underage. The latest flavor will definitely be a hit with brown baggers.
Get Ready for Cupcake Vodka
Pepper Vodka. Lemon Vodka. Vanilla Vodka. Mango Vodka. Cupcake Vodka?
Yup, that’s where we’re at – the proliferation of vodka flavors has now dipped into the world of pastries.