You Might Be Surprised Who Dreamed Up The First Volkswagen
He wanted to see a new family car that any family could afford because at that time only the wealthy could afford them. The year was 1933 and he made that statement at the Berlin, Germany Auto Show.  It was a short time later when he got together with Ferdinand Porche who had the same vision.
2012 Volkswagen Commercial Game Day Teaser [VIDEO]
Have you seen this commercial? It's the 2012 Volkswagen Commercial Game Day Teaser. I don't know about you, but I love seeing dogs on commercials. What do you think about this ad? I think it's pretty cool. Please log in ansd give us your comments...
Volkswagen Beetle – Dale’s Daily Data
It was interesting to see that Volkswagen this week introduced what they called the re-invented Beetle.  The Associated Press says the car "that evolved from the hippie ride of choice to a cute chick car" is being reinvented again.  In its first overhaul since 1998 the company debuted a ne…