The Fattest States In America. Are We On the List?
November is Diabetes Awareness month, a good time for some people to re-examine their diets and lifestyle.  The personal finance website WalletHub has done some research into which states in the country might be considered the fattest states and the results might surprise you.
Best Small Cities in USA – Any in WNY?
I always look forward to these WalletHub reports.  WalletHub is a financial analysis website that on a regular basis turns out surveys and reports on various topics.  Their latest report is 2017's Best Small Cities in America.
How Good A Place Is Buffalo To Raise A Family?
Most people can expect to move at least 11 times in their lives.  Most often it's the result of employment opportunities or family changes.  Sometimes it's just the pursuit of something different.  Ideally you want to pick a place that's good for raising a family, …
Is Buffalo A Well-Run City? Here’s What the Rankings Say
How does Buffalo fare among the country's best-run cities?  In an analysis of the country's 150 biggest cities Buffalo came in at 124, placing it in the bottom third.  But that shouldn't be surprising.  Most of the larger cities in the country rank toward the bottom of …
Best Places To Visit In the Summer? How About Buffalo?
I came across a survey that ranks the best places to visit in the summer taking into consideration a number of factors like travel cost, local attractions and weather conditions and the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area ranked only 69th of the 80 destinations surveyed.  OK, I can live with that.  With all …
Guess Which State Has the Highest Tax Burden?
With the deadline for filing your income taxes just a week away you might be interested to know that no other state has a higher tax burden than New York State.  No state in the country taxes their residents more aggressively than New York does.  We're Number One.  Cong…

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