Another Major Weather Record for Buffalo
It's official, we have had the wettest year so far and it's only May! If you have a wet backyard or if you live anywhere near Lake Ontario, it's probably not any surprise that the amount of rainfall we have had since the start of 2017 has been abnormal.
WATCH: WNY’s Snow Melt from 200 Miles Above
Last week, there were areas of Western New York that received as much as 6 inches on snow. Some forecasters say it was the last blast of cold and snow, at least for awhile in the Buffalo area. Since it is April the warmer air and stronger sun melted the snow pretty quick.
Storm May Push Tax Filing Deadline Back in New York State
It's mid March and the heat is on to get taxes filed before the mid-April deadline. Some are holding out for the last minute. Yet some are trying to stay on top of their taxes and get things done on time. However, the latest round of winter weather has put some small businesses behind in their …
WNY Tree Services to Contact After a Wind Storm
After the near hurricane force winds on Wednesday, thousands are without power and schools are closed. The gusts got as high as 81 miles per hour in the Rochester area and thousands of trees are down and branches are scattered everywhere.

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