Buffalo Area Wedding DJ’s [LIST]
If you know someone that is getting married, lets get their brain jogging with some of the most popular DJ's and companies in Western New York.
In no particular order, here is a one-sheet list you can start calling to plan your big day...
Top 5 Wedding Reception Pet Peeves in Buffalo [LIST]
As wedding season is upon us, we go to these elegant, beautiful weddings to celebrate our friends and family. Though as big and elegant as these events are, there's always that one thing that really just ticks you off.
Earlier we got tons of calls of your pet peeves that included anything from "…
Top Country First Dance Songs for 2016
You’ve been engaged now for a while. You set the date. You met with the banquet hall and booked your DJ. Now he wants to have a meeting to go over your song choices. But you have no idea what you want to dance to!
No worries. We’ve got your back…again.
Best Groomsmen Dance At A Wedding Ever! [VIDEO]
I always say that the most memorable weddings are the ones that are different and creative, especially when it is not up to typical 'wedding standards'. Take these guys for instance...
Kirk & his GroomsmenWithout a doubt...B...
WATCH: Epic Wedding Has All 250 Guests in Music Video
They had one take to get it all right and the guests had no clue they were going to be involved.
Robert & Teresa surprised their guests at the end of their wedding reception with a secret mission. The secret mission (hidden within a manila envelope taped underneath the table) was to shoot a m…

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