WGRZ’s Patrick Hammer Gets Sidetracked By A Spider
Some people don't do well with creepy crawly things.  This seems to be one of those moments.  As WGRZ's weatherman Patrick Hammer was giving the forecast yesterday, they go to a live shot outside where a spider is preparing her dinner.
Liz Went To Dealer School At Seneca Niagara And So Can You [VIDEO]
I took a trip with some of my co-workers from our sister stations to the Seneca Niagara Casino took take part in Dealer School. Dealer school is exactly what it sounds like - you learn how to be a casino dealer. We had a great time along with Kevin O'Neil from Channel 2 as he learned to deal ca…
Bees Swarm Car in Williamsville [VIDEO]
This would scare the Bee-jesus out of me, lol. I know I made the word beejesus up, but it seems to apply to this video. I'm wondering how they were able to count and say 20,000 bees. Check out Channel 2's video!
Food 2 Families With WYRK
WYRK and Channel 2 teamed up with TOPS to help re-stock the shelves of the Food Bank of WNY. This food drive/fundraiser is instrumental in supplying the Food Bank with enough resources to help assist those in our four-county service area push through the winter months...
Opinion: Buffalo’s Traffic Signals
From the “I’ll believe it when I see it” file – I saw an item on the WGRZ-TV 2 website that says progress is being made on synchronizing Buffalo’s traffic signals.  As I was reading I kept wondering when I’m going to get to the punchline.  Anybody that’s ever tried to get around the city down the ma…