Pheasant Hunt Is More About “Baggin” Memories Than Birds
It was about a year ago that I had made the decision to get a dog. I have owned dogs before, but never had a tried and true hunting dog to call my own. I never had the time or the energy to train a dog from scratch and never had the money to pay for my dog to be professionally trained. You can say t…
Sunset Over East Aurora
I had to share this photo of the sun and the sky over East Aurora from my back porch. The colors were simply amazing and I couldn't let the moment go without snapping a couple pictures!
Full Moon Over Wyoming County [Photos]
With the full moon on the rise on Saturday, I decided to share some of the amazing pictures I was able to take over my girlfriend's family farm. The colors of the moon made for some perfect shots!
Clay Explores Hawk Creek Animal Wildlife Center [Photos]
It is one of the most interesting visits I have made this summer. I attended the Renaissance Fest at Hawk Creek in East Aurora. It's kind of amazing that there are places so close to home that I haven't been to.Given the state of things these days, it is good to know that you don't ha…
Rifle Bill Passes For Wyoming And Chautauqua Counties!
Great news for those of us that hunt in Wyoming and Chautauqua County. According to the NYS Rifle and Pistol association's website and facebook page, the bill has passed allowing for the use of rifles during the upcoming fall big game gun season in Wyoming and Chautauqua Counties!
Rare Photos Of Barn Swallow Feeding Her Chicks [Photos]
I'm telling ya. It has been a great summer for getting pictures of wildlife in Western New York. I had a chance to capture these birds on a light on a garage in Wyoming County. It is a mother Barn Swallow feeding her chicks at dinner time. I did the best I could to capture these photos but…
Skunks Parade Through Elma
I  had to share this photo! This is why I try to keep a camera handy at all times. This is a family of skunks that crossed the road in front of me the other day. They sure are cute but I doubt I would want to get any closer. Thank goodness for a good zoom lens!