Wine making

John La Mond Is Ready To Start The Wine Making
One of my good friends got me into wine making a few years ago. I started out making one batch and then the next year it was two. This year I am making three different kinds of wine.
This weekend I will be taking my annual Fall road trip to Forestville to get my wine juice...
I Bottled My Latest Wine Last Night [PHOTOS]
Wine making is my newest hobby. I made my first batch of wine last year. It was a French Concord and I was delightfully surprised at how it turned out. My brother in law said it was the best homemade wine he had ever tasted. Many of my other friends also gave it many compliments...
My Wine Making Season Has Begun
Last year I embarked on my new hobby of wine making. After successfully making my first batch of French Concord, I am now hooked on wine making. Yesterday, I got up early and made the drive to Walker's Fruit Farm in Forestville to get my juice. Walker's offers over 40 varieties of jui…
Fall is the Time To Make Wine
My good friend Randy Frantz had been making wine for a few years and I had been very intrigued with the idea of making some myself. After watching Randy make some wine and tasting his finished products, I had to try to make some myself.