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Win Money + Help Wings Flights Of Hope! [INTERVIEW]
This Friday night is the Wings Flights Of Hope Monte Carlo Night. Wings is an amazing organization that provides FREE flights to those that are in need of urgent care, and they provide flights to their families as well if needed.
The money raised from Monte Carlo night will go toward fuel costs for t…
Sponsor a Flight For Wings Flights Of Hope
We spoke to our good friend Joe DeMarco from Wings Flights Of Hope on the show on Thursday (March 6) and found out that you can sponsor a flight for someone! It amazes me that many people still haven't heard about the amazing FREE service that Wings Flights of Hope offers to patients and their …
Show Your Support for Wings Flights of Hope
The Wings Flights of Hope benefit party is this weekend, and there is a growing need for your support.  We spoke with founder Joe DeMarco today (Wednesday, September 12) about Wings and how you can be a prt of the fun this weekend!
Wings Flights Of Hope Fundraiser Is Saturday!
Here is your chance to help out an amazing organization that is need of your support.Dale and I had the chance to speak with Joe Dimarco who is the founder of Wings. He along with other VOLUNTEERS fly people who are in need of serious medical attention. They also provide free flights for families of…