New Words Added To The Dictionary
Either we're evolving...or just giving up. Oxford has just released new words that have been added to the dictionary this month. However, I think most of them are what could be considered, "buzzwords."
Dale Has Fun With Words
I love games and puzzles dealing with words and language. We were sitting in the studio talking about things that make some words unique and we came up with a bit of a stumper. We came close to the correct answer but came up one letter short. The question: what one syllable word has the most letters…
Describe It In 60,000 Words Or Less
The most complete and accurate dictionary of the English language is the Oxford English Dictionary. It gives not only the meaning and pronunciation, but the history of over half a million words, past and present. It was 1857 when plans for the dictionary began what they figured would end up as four-…
Dale’s Daily Data: Fun With Words
Let’s have some fun with words.
One of the reasons English may be the hardest language to learn if you speak a foreign language is that there are so many exceptions and variations.  Why does xylopone begin with an  “x”?  Why does pneumonia be…