worst joke wednesday

The Best Of Worst Joke Wednesday
Sometimes the best jokes told are the worst ones. The simple ones that just make you roll your eyes or groan a little bit. That is what Worst Joke Wednesday is all about. Well, it's that and it's to make you smile. Oh yeah...and this week I had a prize too. So it w...
Worst Joke Wednesday Is Back
It's Wednesday again and time for Worst Joke Wednesday.  Remember to follow us on Twitter @1065WYRK for all the fun.  Then all you have to do is submit your terrible groanworthy joke to us with the hashtag #worstjokewednesday to win!
Worst Joke Wednesday Returns to WYRK!
Remember when The Breakfast Club used to do Worst Joke Wednesday?  They were some of the best (and worst) jokes ever told on the radio.  Well, now it's returning to WYRK.  The difference is that now, you'll be able to find it on Twitter.