A Fool In The Pool! [VIDEO]
Like many of you, I am getting ready for another year of swimming in our pool. I spent the past week putting in a new liner, painting the pool top and doing all the other things we do to get ready.
Golfing Out of a Tree [VIDEO]
This golf shot is worth watching. Sergio Garcia was putting along in the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational over the weekend when one of his shots got stuck in a tree.
Robber Gets “Leveled” [VIDEO]
Don't you love when good wins over evil? As someone who works in law enforcement, I don't always encourage folks to take the law in to their own hands, but their are times when you simply have to protect yourself or others.
Amazing Dancers, Amazing Kids! [VIDEO]
Many kids have next week off for what is referred to as, "winter break". During this time, many parents dread to hear those familiar words..."Mom, I'm bored". Well you could tell them to take up dancing. And if they need a little incentive, show them THI…

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