Clothes Washer Drum Set
I stumbled onto this video of a kid using the family washing machine to pound out a mean beat.  This kid is good and it leaves me begging for more.  What incredible rhythm.
Top Trending YouTube Videos of 2012
People have gone from having real talent and becoming famous by hard work to becoming famous because they're seen on YouTube.  The videos on the viral site can send someone directly to the top if they're seen by enough people.  This is a list of the videos that were seen the most…
Suicide Is Never The Answer: A Reaction To Amanda Todd
I have seen far too many of these videos.  The ones where people take their feelings and write them out on cards.  They’re called “Notecard Confessional” videos.  They sometimes tell stories just one sentence at a time.  More often than…
Redneck Pool Heater Part 2 [VIDEO]
Thanks for the great response to Sunday's posting about a "redneck pool heater." It was so good, I decided to investigate further to see how folks heat their pools in the not-so-conventional way.

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