Today is the 13th annual National Take Your Dog To Work Day.  It's sponsored by a group called Pet Sitters International to encourage pet adoptions from humane societies, pet shelters and pet rescue groups.  Started in 1999, it's a day where work places big and small are encouraged to allow employees to bring their canine friends to work.

There are a number of might even call them rules for making Take Your Dog To Work Day a success. 

  • First and most importantly, make sure you have permission and that nobody in your workplace has an objection or an allergy
  • If you have an aggressive dog - good idea to leave him home
  • Make sure your dog is clean and healthy
  • Prepare a "doggy bag" including food, treats, toys and just in case, paper towels and disinfectant
  • Pre-plan an appropriate place for your dog to relieve himself
  • And have an alternate plan.  Make arrangements ahead of time to return your dog home in case it becomes apparent it's just not going to work.

Obviously it's not going to work for you if you work in a restaurant or a least I assume it's not going to work.  But you can achieve the idea simply by bringing photos of your dog and show them to co-workers.