Wow, where to start? I guess with the most obvious. The 2012 WYRK NAPA Auto Parts Taste of Country was memorable to say the least. From the feeling of watching nearly 6 months work come together as a huge success to a feeling of being upset about the weather, this show was one to remember.First let me say thank you to all of you that came out even in the rain and cool temperatures. Watching 24,000 people pile into Coca Cola Field is as rewarding as it is exciting. It shows that we do have the best country fans in the world living right here in Western New York. I mean that sincerely and I also mean it when I say thank you.Thank you for giving me a job and an opportunity to be a part of your mornings. With that I would like to say thank you for spending your hard earned money, time and energy to be a part of the biggest one day show in Buffalo. I don't take it for granted and seeing you all in the rain having a good time was amazing. I can say without any doubt that we at WYRK are working hard to make sure there are answers to your questions regarding Friday's events and suspension of the show. We know whole heartedly that without your support, this event and this radio station would have zero chance for success.

Almost Didn't Make The Beginning Of The Show

Prior to the show, Dale, Brett and myself made the rounds at a few tailgate parties to take pictures/video etc. We were pressed for time and were in a hurry. I bit into a piece of beef at one party and started to choke. Not a little. A whole lot. one of the scariest moments in my life. Gagging and vomiting I turned to Brett for help...he performed the Heimlich Maneuver on me and not to be overly dramatic, saved me from something very serious, possibly from passing out etc.  I can't thank him enough for stepping up and not panicking. It still makes me shake my head that it happened.

Getting The Info To The Crowd

As the weather conditions were going down hill, Dale and I were informed that there would be a delay, possibly a suspension of the show. We did our best to keep people's spirits up and deliver the information the best we could. We had anticipated Eric's performance up until the heavy winds kicked up. I was on stage and could feel the roof post shaking. I think our team made the right call and I had to deliver the bad news. Not an easy thing, but I consider myself a fan just like you and felt that I needed to be the guy to tell you. Trust me when I say that I know how bad it sucked and I would have been angry myself. However, considering the events in Indiana last year, our team made the right call and even as I write this, they are making plans to make it up to you.

Race Day???

Yep, made it to the Run For The Burg Saturday and ran the 5k and was so honored to be a part of the events which benefited Autism Research.  Even with the weather, it was a record year and record amount of participants!

Auction Direct

Thanks to all of you that came to spin the wheel of prizes on Sunday at Auction Direct! Great place to get a car and it was great to see all the kids enjoying the ice cream!!

After a good long trail run Sunday evening to clear my head of the many things going through it, I'm looking forward to once again starting a new week with Josh and Dale and getting to start the day with the best, most loyal, passionate and proud country fans in the country. It's like staring the day with 150,000 of my closest friends!