You may think right off the bat that by the sounds of it, this is crazy for a teacher to do this!

People have been arguing about who's right and who's wrong at this school but, you be the judge!

It all started when an 8 year old, who was apparently giving her teacher, Renee Luise Oettershagen some attitude, decided to throw out a whole banana into the trash. Family members of the little girl said:

[Oettershagen] peeled the banana with her bare hands that had been in the garbage can, broke off a piece, ate it, then instructed my granddaughter to eat the rest of the banana.

When the mother of the child went to go confront the teacher, the mom said that,

In walks the teacher, who said, ‘I was only trying to teach her good food values, not to waste food, and that you shouldn’t throw food into the garbage. It is the most bizarre, abhorrent thing I could ever think of doing to a child.

The principal then acted like that the situation wasn't as big of a deal as the mother made it seem which, only made her angry even more.

The school board of the Ontario based school, said in a statement Thursday that the teacher’s actions reflected poor judgement.

The mom argues that no child should ever have to go through this and who know what was in the garbage. Others argue that the teacher, who was dealing with the attitude of the 8 year old was just trying to teach her something and to get her to eat her food.

What do you think?