James Tate has become a media sensation over the past week after he was suspended for asking a girl to his senior prom at Shelton High School in Shelton, Connecticut.  Tate hung a sign up asking a girl to prom over the front doors of the high school around 1AM. Good news…she said yes.

              Bad news? The school said Tate will not be attending. The school said that due to Tate’s trespassing he, and his two buddies who had helped him, will be suspended. Shelton High enforces a rule stating that anyone suspended after April 1st during the school year will not be able to attend prom. What an odd rule to begin with?

                 What we call the Principal, they call the Headmaster and the Headmaster is not backing down at all. The prom is arguably the highlight of a student’s high school career. All he wanted to do was ask a girl he liked to the prom in a creative way. Tate says he wore a helmet while up on a ladder hanging the sign and that his friends were helping so it was safe.

                The Headmaster is not thinking the exact same thing. The headmaster, Dr. Smith, is standing her ground calling the boys’ actions unsafe. In addition to being unsafe, they were trespassing she says.  Though, Tate is handling this rejection pretty well.  "Things escalate quickly, rash decisions should not be made on part of anyone and choose your words wisely," said Tate on www.9news.com.  Does the punishment truly fit the crime?