I really can't explain it.  Why should a grown man care so much about the game by game travails of a bunch of young guys in uniforms playing a sport?  I wish it wasn't that way - but I can't help it.  In case anybody didn't know, I admit it - I'm a fan of the Buffalo Sabres.  I've been a fan since they entered the NHL in 1970.   They've provided some incredible thrills over the years and probably just as many disappointments.  I wanted to punch something after their dismal game against the St. Louis Blues last Friday.  They've been to the Stanley Cup finals twice in their 40 year exsistence and twice Sabres fans watched as another team hoisted the Stanley Cup on Buffalo ice.  I'm sick of it.  I desperately want to see this team win the Cup.  I want Buffalo to experience a championship season.  I want the Sabres to be the best team in the NHL.  And so does Terry Pegula.   

We got to see and hear from Terry Pegula for the first time Tuesday morning at HSBC Arena and there's no doubt he's a Sabres fan.  He couldn't even look to the former players to his right because they made him too emotional.  He called Gilbert Perreault his hero.  Larry Playfair, Danny Gare, Mike Robataille, Ric Seiling, Derek Smith and many more.  They were all there to hear what Pegula had to say.  And so was the entire current Sabres team.  Pegula made it clear - he wants to win the Stanley Cup.  It's not about finances.  It's not about a self-imposed team salary cap.  Pegula said winning the Cup is the priority and he'll hire the best scouts, coaches, trainers and whatever else the team needs to get the job done.

Pegula did say Darcy Regier would remain as General Manager and Lindy Ruff - in his words "ain't goin' nowhere."  Ruff's contract is up at the end of the year and Pegula did point out that comment might cost him some money but he's intent on keeping Lindy as his coach.

Any Sabres fan has got to love what Pegula had to say.  They'd do the same thing if they were in his position.  I would.  Some of the things Pegula had to say had me choked up.  I love his passion and I love the passion some of the people who have worked for him feel for him.  I feel good about what this guy is going to bring to the Sabres.  The Terry Pegula era has begun.

If you'd like to listen to what Terry Pegula had to say, here's is the press conference: