This Thanksgiving may suck a little more change out of your pocket, purse or wallet this year.  According to new numbers from the American Farm Bureau Federation, the classic Thanksgiving dinner increased by 1%.  Here is a breakdown of what your Thanksgiving dinner will cost.  This is based on a dinner party of 10 people.  The whole feast should cost just under $50 dollars ( not in my house....ours is way higher, but this is what the pros are saying)...$49.48 to be exact.


The turkey- a 16 pounder should cost you about $22.23.  That's $1.39 per increase of 4 cents per pound from 2011. (2011-----$21.57)

Stuffing- is said to cost a little less this year.  A 14-oz package of cubed bread should cost about $2.77.  That's 11 cents less than last year.   (2011---$2.88)

Sweet Potatoes- These are also down in cost from last year.  A 3 pound bag should cost you $3.15.  That is down 11 cents from 2011.  (2011- $3.26)

Cranberries- The cost is down a bit here too.  Factor these in at $2.45/lb.  Down 3 cents from last year.

Rolls- A dozen rolls--$2.33.  That's up 3 cents from 2011.

Veggie Platter- Celery and carrots- 76-cents.  Held steady from 2011!!

Flour, eggs and misc. ingredients- estimated cost this year- $8.60.    Prices of cream and milk are down from last year.

Pie- The pumpkin pie mix, the crust/shell- $5.53.  That's down from $5.51 in 2011

*****These numbers seem kind of low to me.  I feel that a party of 10 should cost about $100.00 or better.  I guess my family has big eaters. In total...the increased price of turkey made for a 28 cent increase from what we spent last year to this year.

Check out the cost of Thanksgiving over the years- (according to the AFBF)

1986- $28.74       1996- $31.66      2006- $38.10   2012- $49.48