My late grandmother introduced me to beer when I was 14. She always told me to stay away from American beer. Her favorites were always the Canadian brands and usually just the ones that are only sold in Canada. She was particularly fond of Molson Stock Ale, Molson Brador, John Labatt Extra Stock and Red Cap Ale. She seemed to gravitate towards the hearty ales that had lots of flavor.

If you enjoy beer, you probably have noticed the shift in today's beer brewing climate. brewers are constantly expanding the boudries when it comes to different beer flavors. Look on the shelves at your local beer store and you will see: apricot ales, blueberry, chocolate and lime flavored beers and ales. Today I found an article spotlighting the ten weirdest beer flavors. No thanks! Could you please pass me a Molson Stock Ale?

Here are the top five: