Television is good at giving people a picture to remember a moment.  How many moments do you remember from our history because you watched it play out on television?  Remember the OJ chase or the verdict?  Remember when The Challenger exploded moments after takeoff?  How about when the second plane hit the world trade center?  Most of these moments were seen on TV.  So which moment was the most memorable?

According to The LA Times, the most memorable moment to Americans was the September 11th attacks.  It's understandable.  Who wasn't glued to their television that day?

The study was done on 12,000 participants by Nielsen in partnership with Sony Electronics.  The rest of the list in order is as follows:

1. Sept. 11 attacks (2001)

2. Hurricane Katrina (2005)

3. O.J. Simpson murder verdict (1995)

4. Space shuttle Challenger disaster (1986)

5.Death of Osama bin Laden (2011)

6. O.J. Simpson high-speed car chase (1994)

7. Earthquake / tsunami in Japan (2011)

8. Columbine school shooting (1999)

9. BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (2010)

10. Funeral of Princess Diana (1997)

11. Death of Whitney Houston (2012)

12. Capture and execution of Saddam Hussein (2006)

13. Barack Obama acceptance speech (2008)

14. Prince William, Kate Middleton wedding (2011)

15.Assassination of President Kennedy (1963)

16. Oklahoma City federal building bombing (1995)

17. Bush/Gore election results (2000)

18. Los Angeles riots/Rodney King beating (1992)

19. Casey Anthony murder trial verdict (2011)

20. Funeral of President Kennedy (1963)


What is your most memorable moment from TV?