I love the Erie County Fair. It is a tradition that I have been a part of since I was a baby. My family would make a whole day out of it every year and I have carried on that tradition as I have gotten older. The only difference is I am now a part of the action rather than just a spectator. But what has really impressed me over the years is the area that is really the heart and soul of what county fairs are all about.If you get out to the Erie County Fair or the Wyoming County Fair this week, be sure to take some time and get to the 4H area. These kids work so hard every year to bring their best talents and animals to the fair and it's worth a trip through the barns and buildings. They are all so proud of what they have done thus far and if you are willing to ask questions, they are willing to chat with you about their projects.

I have the pleasure of being a guest announcer at the various Erie County 4H auction every year. The money that the 4H ers make from the sale of their animals goes toward next year's projects or for some, it goes toward their college fund!! Beyond the money, the kids learn respect for resources, people and animals and they learn the value of hard work . Beyond all of that, they are the future of the agriculture industry nationwide but most importantly, right here in Western New York!

Don't miss the next auction!! You can buy from a 4 H er and help a great organization and help promote the future of he agriculture industry in your own back yard! Here iswhere you can find some animals to bid on this week!

Wyoming County Fair

Erie County Fair