This study came to us via our prep service...via CNN!  So this guy, a British journalist and graphic designer David McCandless, wanted to find out when the most likely times of the year for ending a relationship were.  McCandless decided to use Facebook and check 10,000 status updates for the words "break up" or "broken up." Here (in a nutshell) is what he found!

The #1 time of year for break ups according to McCandless' study was right after Valentine's Day!

My question is why would you waste the effort on a nice romantic day, if the next day you are breaking up.  Save the money!  I'm sure the person who is getting dumped would rather you save the BS and be honest and up front.

#2- The weeks leading up to spring break!

Understandable, but only if you are headed to a prime spring break destination....If you are young and your relationship is not very serious,  I guess it's okay. Think about it, who would want to be tied down with a relationship on spring break.  If "spring break" is just you hanging around the area for 2-3 weeks until school's a weak excuse.

#3- Two weeks before Christmas!

Whaaat???  Way to late in the year.  You've already purchased a bunch of gifts.  I guess if you are a slacker, you haven't even perfect...break a heart just before the most warm, family-oriented time of year.  You're probably just a cheap skate!

#4- April Fool's Day!

This one is just funny....kind of.  Not really sure what to say.  You are probably a mean person, if you break up with someone on a day meant for jokes and pranks.  They may not take you seriously!

#5- On a Monday!

Well we all know people hate Mondays, so it makes sense that people would be a little angry and possibly break up with their bf or gf.