This is a big day at Darien Lake! Today is Air Force Day, and the U.S. Air Force has brought out one of their more popular show vehicles. Although this one doesn't fly, it sure is something cool to see!

The X1 is one of two vehicles that the Air Force uses as recruitment tools. It is a Mustang that has been a little more than "suped up." According to

"The Mustang X1 is the most eye friendly of the two. On the outside, that is, because once you get a look at the interior of the thing, we may run screaming. If you are a Mustang fan, your heart will be torn apart by the single ejection seat, the flight stick replacing the steering wheel and the pedals placed at each side of the central console."

Here are some photos of the X1, which will be on display at Darien Lake all day until 7 p.m.!