We've all had that moment. The one where it's time to say goodbye and you have to decide what the appropriate gesture is. Do you wave, give a firm handshake, or go for the awkward hug? I prefer the wave.  With this being National Hug Week , I thought I'd explore what makes hugs so awkward. 

I don't know what it is about hugs, but they almost always feel awkward to me.  Not so much with my immediate family but with the rest of everybody else, they can be just weird.  You see, I come from a huge family and most of us lived pretty close to each other as we grew up. My mom was one of 9 kids and so I was blessed with tons of cousins.   When we would part ways, for the most part, we would just wave and say goodbye. 

Don't get me wrong.  When both people are totally committed to the hug, they can be great.  The awkwardness comes when one person wants to hug, and the other has no idea that it's coming.  What about if both people put their head to the same side of the hug?  Who puts their hands over and who puts them under?  How long do you stay in hugging position?  There is a time limit on a hug.  After awhile, that awkward hug can get downright weird.

Here is a perfect example of The Awkward Hug:

None of this happens with the wave.

So am I the only one?