We've all been there -- when you're done with a fight and the conversation keeps replaying in your head. And all you can think of is what you should have said or could have said.

Well, one study is telling us that whether you're right or wrong, you can still win the argument by doing this.

You basically have to out-shout your opponent, a.k.a. your wife or husband usually (haha).

'Well, you don't actually have to raise your voice. But using strong words, whether they're written or spoken, projects confidence -- and the more confident you are, the more people tend to assume you're right. Even when you're not', according to Yahoo.

Even if you're wrong -- you have to just act like you know what you're talking about. Use big words. Shout a little louder. Make the other person feel uncertain even when they ARE right.

There is some psychological literature on the idea that people hate uncertainty.

Does this ever happen to you?