It was on this date (July 5) in 1980 that the George Jones' hit "He Stopped Loving Her Today" went to number one on the Billboard Country Music Chart.

Known to many as the "greatest country song" of all time, the song is timeless. Sure, the melody may not be on par with today's sound. But, the words, the lyrics, never go out of style.

Be honest. Who can't relate to the emotion this song pours out? Whether you are a guy or a gal, you probably have loved someone the way that the guy in the song loved "her." You probably have lost them at the hands of pride, jealousy, stubbornness or some other reason that you can't seem to shake the regret of.

True, some are lucky enough to meet "the one" and spend eternity with that person. But for so many, luck is not in their favor when it comes to love. Too often people realize too late what they had and live with the pain of losing that person to someone else.

The song is just over three minutes long. Yet within that three minutes, we learn so much about the heartbreak this guy went through. We don't know exactly what happened that separated him from "her." Was it her leaving him for someone else? Was it his mistake? Was it hers? It really isn't all that clear. Regardless, we the feel pain and regret and undeniable passion that he has for "her." Although it didn't work out for them, she still came to see him one last time. Proving that, indeed, she loved him all those years as well.

The song is pure brilliance, and although the lyrics carry the song...NOBODY could sing it like Jones. It was almost biographical to the life of George Jones. No doubt, the song truly is the greatest country song ever recorded.