It was and still is the most unpopular coin in U-S history. Other than the depiction of Lady Liberty on many coins, it was the first U-S coin to feature a woman.

Susan B. Anthony is recognized in American history as a leader in gaining women the right to vote and the Susan B. Anthony coin was introduced in her honor. It was originally designed to be an 11-sided coin with rounded edges, but vending machine companies said there were no machines that would accept it and it would be way too expensive to retool them. So instead it turned out to be a round coin that looked like it had 11 edges.

On the back is an Eagle over a landscape of the moon – similar to the Apollo 11 moon landing logo.

The biggest problem was the Susan B. Anthony dollar looked and felt too much like a quarter. People didn’t want them and didn’t want to use them. So within three years the U-S Treasury stopped making them.

In 2000, the Sacajawea dollar coin was introduced – even though it’s the same diameter – it’s gold color sets it apart from other coins. People don’t seem to like using them either, but they're more acceptable and you do see them every once in a while.

But today is the day in 1978 that the U-S Treasury began minting the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.