I grew up on The Muppets.  If it wasn't The Muppets, it was Sesame Street or some other Jim Henson production.  All of his stuff has always been child friendly.  I was shocked to see that when the new Muppets movie came out around Thanksgiving that it was rated PG.  I finally found out why today.

According to IMDB, it is rated PG for sex and nudity among other things.  It lists things like male and female muppets kissing and muppets kissing chicken muppets.

They also list violence and gore.  It does however say that none of the violence is violent.  Huh?  If it's not violent then is it really violence?

My favorite is the part where they describe the depictions of drug/alcohol use and they describe one of the muppets as looking like Willie Nelson. 

I have to admit that I haven't yet seen the film but honestly, what is this world coming to?  We grew up on The Muppets that had a chef that chased chickens with a clever and a guy named Crazy Harry that was trying to constantly blow things up.  We turned out ok!  I mean, I'm a parent, and I like to be warned...but aren't some of these instances good chances to teach our kids about right and wrong?