Here is it. The Number 1 neighbor annoyance. I asked on Twitter last night (@claymoden) followers thoughts and have been asking around town. The list has been counting down from #5 and today, it's the #1.With more than 90% of people responding...

#1 Lazy Pet Owners

Yep. From dogs barking all day and night (Dale Mussen had to sell his house because of this) to dog owners that let their dogs roam unleashed, to roosters crowing all day and even cats walking on clean cars with muddy paws, lazy pet owner annoy neighbors most. By far the biggest problem? Those dog walkers/owners that allow their dog to crap on your lawn and not pick it up. It seems to be an on going problem in just about every neighborhood in our area. If you are too lazy to clean up after your dog, why do you have one? It is your responsibility and your neighbors have every right to shovel it up and put it on your yard, I even heard of some cases when angry neighbors will place the feces on their lazy neighbors porch!

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