This past Saturday, my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing the original Eagles tribute band "Hotel California" at the Lancaster Opera House in Lancaster. Hotel California is a Toronto based band that travels all over the world performing the songs of The Eagles. If I had to sum up this group in one word, I would have to say: phenomenal. This band sounds EXACTLY like The Eagles. I have seen the real Eagles many times in concert so I am qualified to make that statement. If you were to close your eyes while listening to these guys, you would swear you were hearing the real thing. Every signature lick and harmony is there. These guys have it down cold. While all four of the musicians in Hotel California are certainly top shelf players, it is the amazing vocals of drummer Dean Young that really gives the band the true "Eagles" sound. Dean Young sounds like he is channeling the voice of Don Henley. Yes, he is that good!

Saturday nights performance was nothing less than stellar. The band performed two sets of Eagles songs and even came back for an extended encore. The crowd was extremely enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoying this band. Hotel California is a group that knows how to entertain their audience. Other members of the band include: Andy Lapointe on bass and lead vocals, Mike Dimoulas on lead and rhythm guitar, slide guitar, talk box, acoustic, keyboards and vocals, and newest member Rick Spyder on lead/rhythm and slide guitars, acoustic and lead vocals. If you are an Eagles fan, you have to see this group if you get the chance. They are incredible! You can view their website at: