Whatever happened to names like Mike, Jeff and John or Lisa, Jen and Beth? (pleases read in the voice of the late Andy Rooney)...LOL...kidding, but really though.  Some of the names I hear when watching sports really make me laugh!  I have to say the name two or three times, then I scratch my head, wondering what the moms of these people were thinking?  In many cases moms try to be unique.  In other cases, I think moms are playing a dirty lil' lifetime trick on their child.  Here are some of my favorite sports names (w/ pics).  I'm sure I'll miss a few big ones, but these came to my head first......Here we go....

D'Brickashaw Ferguson

OL- NY Jets- Wow.....D'Brickashaw, now that's creative.  I'm trying to see his mother's thought process, but can't even fathom what the heck she was thinking.  Of course, I'd never say that to Mr. Ferguson....he's a giant!

- The name is an all-time classic.  It combines two great words and has been a staple in name calling among guys.  His mom was definitely having a little fun there.

Dick Butkus

 Former Chicago Bears football player.

I dare anyone to make fun of his name to his face.

Coco Crisp

Oakland A's baseball player - (also spent time with the Buffalo Bisons)- I'm thinking his mom was a fan of the Cookie Crisp cereal, but couldn't bring herself to name her lil baby after a morning meal.

Picabo Street

 U.S. Olympic skier - I guess when you're a girl, the name Picabo is cute. If you are a guy....different story. Still though, what a vivid imagination her parents had. I'm going to go out on a limb and say her parents are old hippies.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Basketball player - His mom initially tried to use every letter in the alphabet, but did not succeed. What she did create was a child whose name is fun to say and hard to spell.

Honorable mention-

New England Partiots Running Back -Ben Jarvis Green Ellis,   Former NBA star Anfernee Hardaway,   NHL players- Tuukka Rask, Zarley Zalapski & Mikko Makela, College football players...( these are wild)....Yourhighness Morgan, Perfection Harris & Mister Simpson.....Yep, Google 'em