I don't know if anyone caught VH1's show called "I Love Toys", but I did.  Who doesn't love toys?  Some of us still have a love for them.  I bet many of fathers totally enjoy when little Johnny gets a new G.I Joe or Transformer...and daddy gets to play with it too.

The VH1 show dealt with the 10 best toys of all time and you wouldn't believe what came in at #1...Let's start at #10.  Coming in at #10 on the list of best toys of all time is the.....Wiffle ball and bat.  Whether it was the big red bat or the skinny yellow stick, you had a wiffle ball and bat.  I have many memories of the game in front of my house or in friends backyards.

#9- Slinky- I can't tell you how many trips I made up and down the stairs just to watch a metal worm crawl down them.  It was fun though!

#8- Yo-Yo- This was a great invention. One could occupy themselves for hours. Just don't make the mistake of trying the trick "around the world" as a beginner, in the house.  You'll break stuff.

#7-Star Wars Figures- FAVORITE- OMG, I still have a good number of the originals, but not in the original packaging.  I mean, at age 6 or 7, who doesn't just tear into toys.  Star Wars was big for me.

#6-Monopoly- Believe it or not, I didn't have Monopoly.  My mother had the old school version called Easy Money.  She would tell me, "Josh, it's the same exact thing!"  I guess it was.  Sort off...

#5-Mr. Potato Head- Yet another toy I didn't have.  I think I was more into figurines. Mr. Potato Head was cool though.  Pop a set of eyes where the mouth goes.  Store all of his extra parts in his rear end! LOL

#4- G. I. Joe- A CLASSIC- Whether you're old enough to remember the days of the large G.I. Joe guys or just the mini ones, these toys were awesome.  Snake Eyes and Shipwreck were two of my favorite

#3- LEGOS- Let the imagination run wild with these.  Fun for hours.  You could build your own designs or follow along with the instructions and build the given building.  Who can forget the little characters that came with them....they were the inspiration for Justin Bieber's classic old school lego-hair cut!!!!!

#2- Barbie- I'm willing to say that every young girl in America has at least one Barbie doll.  It almost seems like a must if you are the parent of a little girl.  Almost like a rite of passage.  Once your daughter reaches a certain age, they get a Barbie doll, and why not??

#1- Hula Hoop- Really??  I see how it's fun for all ages, affordable, but I wasn't that enamored by it.  Bad choice by VH1