As the weather is starting to get colder and the kids are back to school, I thought I would share some of my top songs about Fall! If you have any additions, just comment below and we can build the list!Some of the songs flat out mention Fall such as the George Strait song and some mention a month or other event related to Fall/Autumn.

This is a song that has ambiguity in it's lyrics. "I'll begin to feel the chill of an early fall" can be taken as the weather is changing or that the love the singer is in is fading sooner than expected!

Country Bumpkin-Cal Smith

I like this song as a fall song because of the lyrics "how's the frost out on the pumpkin?" It is a stretch? Perhaps, but when you think think pumpkins right?

Fall-Clay Walker

Ok. So this song has nothing to do with Fall except the title. But I guarantee after you here it a few times, you will think Fall. "Fall. Go on and fall apart. Fall in to these arms of mine. I'll catch you every time you fall."

The Boys Of Fall-Kenny Chesney

Is there anything that says Fall better than football? This is not only a freaking awesome and inspiring song but it is a great song about the season!

The song is a perfect example of what it feels like when the Summer comes to a close and the Summer time crush/ Summer love has to go away and you can't wait til next Summer! "Another long Summer has come and gone...and I don't why it always ends this way."

Isn't the perfect setting? New England-Fall-Leaves?? It makes me think of Autumn every time I hear Reba sing this one!

Harvest Time-Luke Bryan

There ain't no song that paints a better picture of this time of year than this song. Lyric after lyric it is spot on. "There is a big red moon moon comin up in the sky...combines cuttin in a staggered line"

When The Works All Done This Fall-Marty Robbins

I had to add a cowboy song. I like the story telling style Marty Robbins uses on this song. You can almost see the herd of cows during the roundup. I should warn you. This song is a bit of a tear jerker.