With a decline in the interest and viewership of golf over the past few years, the PGA is considering a few changes to attract a bigger audience and get people back on to golf courses.

I like golf. However, I do agree that it takes up quite a bit of time to complete a round (most likely because my game is very poor) and, for beginners, can be very frustrating. Although these proposed changes are a bit extreme, I can see why the PGA would look in to some alternate ways to play and promote the game.

I saw this article in The NY Times that spelled out a few of the changes. The most glaring was the diameter of the hole on the green (the spot where you are eventually trying to get the ball in). The changes would call for a hole that's 15 inches around! You could almost throw a basketball in that!! The good news for golf is that there is at least a discussion that may make people at least aware that golf still is a great way to socialize, bond and relax.