My brother was being nice today and decided to give me a fish to put in my freezer.  The only thing was that it was a fresh fish and I had to clean it.Now if you know me, you know that I love to fish.  But I've actually never kept one.  Everything I've ever caught I've released.  That's aside from the stuff we caught when we were kids because dad always cleaned those fish.  But today was a different story.  This was a good size brown trout. 

So my brother helped me to clean this fish.   It went well.  I got some pretty good size fillets in my freezer.  I took care of all the newspaper and extra stuff that's leftover after you clean a fish but there was one thing that stayed with me...

THAT SMELL!!  Holy cow!  I only got it on my hands, but you'd have thought I rolled around in the thing.  Granted, I may just have that smell stuck in my nose, but I'm a little extra concerned when I come to work smelling like that.  You can clean and clean your hands (I took another shower) but it's there.  It's like an onion.

So I got to thinking, what's the worst smell?  What's the smell that just won't go away?  And do you have something that can get this off my hands?