Ok...the title needs work but yesterday as I was leaving Walmart, I did something that would make some people feel uncomfortable. I don't even know why I did it. While I was doing it, I kept asking myself why I was doing it. But when I was done, I was glad that I did.

You hear horror stories about people trying to do the right thing and something terrible happening to them all the time.  I admit, yesterday that could have been me.

As I was walking out of Walmart, there was a couple that was standing  just outside the automatic doors.  The woman politely asked if I could give them a hand.  She asked if they could pay me to give them a ride up around the corner to where we were.  They were from South Carolina and their transmission was being worked on.  They were in town to visit their new grandson.  They had walked downhill from the mechanic to Walmart and just didn't want to walk back up the hill.  Obviously, I was very hesitant.  I didn't know these people. 

I had no reason to say yes.  The light was already on for my gas tank.  I wasn't going to take their money anyway but for some reason I just said, "hop in". 

What?!?  Why did I just say that??

I don't know what it was.  I just thought that if I were in their position, I'd like to be shown kindness in a new city.  I guess the last thing I wanted for them to remember of their trip was how rude the people from Buffalo were.  So for lack of better judgement, I said get in and I'll take you where you need to go.

Needless to say, not all people are bad.  All they really wanted was a ride.  And even though I tried to give them back their money, they paid me more than enough for the trip.  It would be nice if there was never that second thought of, "what are these people going to try to do to me when they get in my car?"  But it's still there. 

And for good reason.

I would never suggest that you do something like this.  It really could have been very dangerous and I could have been seriously hurt.  I am totally aware of that.  However, I would suggest that if you get a chance to show someone some kindness and you've got the time, you do it.  It really does feel good to do good things for people that need it.