As I headed out to all the holiday parties at my relatives the past couple days, I've been nothing and laughing at some of all these old-school things that you never really see anymore. OK, more or less I think all of these objects were at my grandmas' house but, you know what I mean. See how many of these you already have forgot about and what can you add to the list?

Between the ice tray that you have to stick under the faucet and stick back in the  freezer to phone booths to that little file cards my grandma has that are all handwritten with addresses and phone numbers, the items are endless.

I could go on for hours but, we asked the listeners what they thought. Of course, the most creative people on the planet called in. Social Security (haha) was among some of the things I would have never have thought of that our kids will never see. But, what else can you think of?





When I said there were some creative ones, I guess I wasn't kidding. Can you think of anything else?