OK, so it was Route 20, also known as Broadway. I was traveling around Saturday morning doing some errands when I observed a large turtle attempting to cross the road. This stretch of highway near Alden is a 55mph zone and the thought of someone getting into an accident trying to avoid it entered my mind. Secondly, I didn't want to see him (or her...I'm not sure) get hit either. I, by the way, affectionately named him "Fred". (If you're name is Fred, it's nothing personal!)


So I pulled over and thankfully the traffic was light. When it was safe I attempted to push the turtle with my police baton I had in my truck. It was then I discovered this was a "SNAPPING" turtle. Wow, talk about vicious and fast! After a few minutes of trying I was finally able to get him off of the road and safely on to some one's front lawn. Of course I was thinking, "Sure, as soon as I leave you'll try again". Well, I figured I had done my part but got to wondering how you safely move a large snapping turtle. So, like so many times I turned to Youtube. Sure enough, there were many choices. I decided to share what I thought was one of the more fascinating videos. I will admit, even after watching I still think I'll use the "push with a stick" method.

Oh, and just why was he crossing the road? I think he was looking for a "Shell" station! Sorry, couldn't resist!