The Allentown Art Festival has come and gone.  Sunday was the perfect day for walking around the event, but you better have had a good chunk of change on you if you wanted to take home something other than a fried dough.  I missed the festival this year, but one thing I remembered about it was that the art was waaaay overpriced.  I mean you have to sell off.... your first born just to have a nifty wine bottle holder made out of iron .  That's one thing that ruins it for the average Joe like me.  I bet half of the art there gets packed up and hauled back to the artists' home.  For the most part, people go to this to people watch, eat fried foods and window shop.  The "nicer" items at the festival are always too expensive.  That's my opinion.  I understand the vendors need to make a living, but wouldn't you think you'd want to get your work into many people's hands.....I would!  I'd price my stuff a bit lower so people can pass the word around about my artistic creativity and style.  I guess some people enjoy and are willing to pay crazy money for a bunch of paint splattered on a canvas.  That's ART!   $500 please!  LOL.  I'll pass.  Don't get me wrong, it's a great event in the city of Buffalo....just unaffordable to most.