So Bills fans........We are about 9 days out from the beginning of a NFL season, which on paper, looks to be a promising one.  Heading into training camp the big offensive buzz was surrounding backup QB Vince Young.  Fans were excited to have a backup they can trust to run the offense in case Fitzy went down.  I have to admit, I was excited to have a guy like Vince Young in town.  Then I asked myself why??  He's never made the full transition to being a quarterback in the NFL and he has had very little success.  But, I liked having a QB that could scramble and also heave the long ball.  Then, with 2 weeks left in the preseason, the Buffalo Bills cut Vince Young and trade for disgruntled Seattle Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson.Basically, Jackson is the same exact player as Vince Young.....just with younger legs.  Jackson is another QB who has had little success in the NFL and has been moved from team to team as a serviceable backup.  This move is just another example of Buffalo picking up another team's scraps....hoping to get something out of it.  I guess it'll have to do until the Bills can draft a franchise quarterback.

Check out a highlight play from QB Tarvaris Jackson