For many of us it's an exciting time of year, sort of like Christmas for most men....The NFL Draft!!  Ladies, there may be a few of you who are as obsessed as the guys are, but very few I'm sure.  Bills fans and NFL fans are super excited for Thursday's draft because they get to see how their teams will improve through drafting college players. This year the Bills have the 10th overall pick in the 1st round and there's been all sorts of speculation on what position they will draft.  Will they address a need or take the best player available?  After skimming the internet to see the "expert" picks, I have it boiled down to  1. Cornerback 2. Offensive Lineman  3. Wide Receiver....and knowing how the draft predictions pan out...they'll pick a Safety or Defensive End..LOL!!  All I know is that regardless of who the Bills decide to draft, it better be a player that can have immediate impact on the field.  A player who can be an every down guy/starter.  I'm all about filling needs, but I'm more about taking best player available...a guy who, when he hits the field, players are aware.  So, GOOD LUCK BUFFALO....don't screw it up.

*Side note- The draft is now on a Thursday night.  It used to be on the weekend, which I thought was great.  I could devote a whole weekend to this wonderful time of year.  Having the draft on Thursday stinks!!*