Do you need tickets to a Sabres game?  Are the games you want sold out?  Well, there's a new standby program that will allow fans to get tickets to sold out games.  A new contract between players and the owners requires teams to reserve extra tickets for refs, players and NHL officials.  When those tickets are not used, fans can sign up for the standby program 2 days before a home game, and the Sabres offices will contact you a few hours before the game.  Pretty cool, Huh?


Did you know that the price of tickets for NHL games has gone up 6% even though there was a lockout.  According to Team Marketing Report, a sports marketing research group in Chicago, the average price of the non- premium ticket is 61 dollars.  In Buffalo, that non-premium seat is between 29 dollars and 50 bucks.  The research group also said that Buffalo Sabres tickets saw the biggest jump in ticket prices, out of all the NHL teams, from last year.

(Metro Source)