We’re a few weeks from Christmas and that might mean an end of year gift or tip is in order for the people that make your life easier.  What is appropriate and who do you tip?  My mom would always leave a gift or cash for the mail delivery person but it was a different time then, she knew him by name.  My dilemma is I’ve never spoken to the mail person and I’m not even sure if it’s the same person who delivers every day, same with the garbage collectors.  But according to gifts.com we should be tipping them.  Others that are on the list of who we should tip include; the babysitter, handyman, and fed ex person.  Okay so that’s who we should tip, now how much should we tip?

Postal carrier and Fed Ex carriers $20-$25

Babysitter $25-$75

Garbage collectors $10-$30 each

Handyman $15-$25

Do you intend to tip these people?