Last week, my daughter begged me to let her sell lemonade at a stand outside our house.  I'm the kind of person who loves a hard worker, so who was I to argue when she said she wanted to earn some money?  We set up our stand yesterday, and thanks to our incredibly supportive and generous neighbors, she did awesome!

First of all, thank you so much to all the incredibly generous neighbors that stopped by yesterday to support a little girl who was just trying to make a few bucks.  I was once again reminded why I love living in the neighborhood that I live in.  It's the good neighbors that make it worth it.

So if your kids would like to try to make a little money, a lemonade stand might be a good way for them to do it. I've got some great tips if you'd like to start up your own...

1.  Pick The Right Day

Watch the weather forecast, and pick a day that is going to be hot!  The hotter the weather, the more lemonade you will sell.  Also, unless there's an event happening, try to pick a day on the weekend where people will be out and about instead of stuck at their desks working.

2.  Make A Bright Sign That People Will See

If you're just sitting at a table in your front yard, how many people are going to stop?  You need something that is going to get their attention and then make them stop for you!

3.  Have Plenty Of Lemonade On Hand

The last thing people want to do is wait.  Have a pitcher or two ready to go and some more in the fridge inside staying nice and cold.

4.  Have Plenty Of Ice

No one sells lemonade by yelling, "Get your lukewarm lemonade here!"  It's always about being ice cold.  Keep it cold so they'll keep coming back!

5.  Offer An Added Bonus

If you can afford to do it, have some cookies or brownies to go along with the lemonade.  It doesn't matter if you sell them as a package or offer the treats "for free with a purchase," they'll feel like they're getting more for their money.

6.  Be Safe

Never try to set up a stand like this without your parents' support.  Do not go to someone's car unless your parents know that you're doing it.  That 50-cent cup of lemonade isn't worth a mixup with a stranger.

7.  Have Fun

No one says that working has to be boring.  Have some fun with it!