Aside from a bat going through your finely carved jack-o-lantern/ are a few tips on how to preserve your pumpkin through the holiday. 

Tip #1-......

After the pumpkin is carved, spray the carved area with water.  Then, cover the whole pumpkin with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge or in the basement while it is not on display!

Tip #2- Heck!!....Give your pumpkin a bath!  Submerge it for up to 8 hours, but check it every so often, don't want it to get too can split!

Tip #3- Keep the carved areas fresh by applying petroleum jelly to it.  LOL...sounds gross, almost naughty.  Make sure the shades are closed when you do this part...LOLOLOLOL

* all info taken from & Cheryl of Pumpkin Masters*