Just like hunters wait for hunting season, shoplifters are priming themselves for their time of year.  The holidays!  A new study conducted by Ad Week shows that 1 in 11 folks, shopping at any store, leaves with at least one item that they didn't pay for.  They also found that the" art of shoplifting" is up by 6% this year.

If those stats are correct, retailers could lose around...... $119-billion dollars of merchandise this year alone!

So, who's shoplifting? - About 75% of the shoplifters are adults with jobs.

What is being stolen?

#1- Filet Mignon- And why not, it's one of the most delicious cuts of meat.  One quick slip under the big winter coat and you are as good as gold.....IF YOU ARE A THIEF! lol

#2- Jameson- Wow, this is starting to sound like a party!!  What's next....I hope some shrimp, bacon and brownies!

#3- Electric Tools- LOL....Is that a power drill in your pocket or are you just....ehhhm!

#4- iPhone 4-Hey, they already dropped the price from $500.00 to $99.00- just buy it!

#5- Gillette Mach 4- Anyone who shaves knows how expensive razors and blades are.

#6- Axe Body stuff- LOL.....The commercials work, guys really think girls will flock to them if they use "Axe."  Hey, remember Reebok "pumps".....you jumped higher too, didn't ya!!

#7- Ralph Lauren clothing- Sure, who doesn't wanna look "fresh to def"- (thank you Pauly D).  I'm wearing Ralph Lauren right now!

#8- Let's Rock Elmo- It is on the "Hot Toy List" this year.  parents who can't afford it, opt to steal it!

#9- Chanel No. 5- Believe it or not, expensive perfumes make up  4% of loss in stores that carry them.

#10- Nike sneakers- Pros wear sandals into the store and walk out with a brand new pair of "kicks."

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